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18 Dec 2020 Admin Edufexio 0 Development

E-education is a thriving sector and there are several platforms delivering E-learning courses for students and professionals but Edufex is developing a differently secure and growing platform for the Students / Professionals through providing online globally accepted certification.

With Edufex Learning Management System scope of online certification is vast with opportunities of getting knowledge from foreign educators.

Edufex has tied-up with multiple universities and with the help of them Edufex delivers many courses, degrees and certification on the online platform. Students and professionals can save their time and money through enrolling into the online courses and learn through video tutorials, online educators and give assessments. After clearing all the assessments and at the completion of course you will receive the online certification through Edufex secure blockchain based platform.

Main Feature of these certificates is, they are globally accepted and received on the secure platform. Secure form of blockchain based platform saves you from cyber-attack.


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