Anyone Who Has Tried to Generate Huge Profits from Amazon Has Run into One Problem After Another. It’s no secret. Trying to Profit from Amazon is extremely difficult, if you don’t know what you are doing. It’s really no wonder that most people who try to at least make a Profit from Amazon just give up. But the truth is... Finally, Being Able to Create a Conversion Proven Amazon Affiliate Site, Ready to Generate some Awesome Commissions, On Complete Autopilot, is much closer than you think! If you want to know how I was able to Generate some Awesome Commissions From Amazon!... well… this is it. And trust me, this solution is likely going to frustrate you. Not because it doesn’t work. But because you’ll be shocked at how simple it is (I honestly couldn’t believe it myself!)

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There is no doubt that is a money making monster, not only for its founder but for everyone involved. Did you know that basically everyone with a computer and an internet connection can make money with amazon? Well, yes! has a wide variety of options when it comes to using its platform as a money printing machine: you can become an amazon seller, you can offer your services, you can sell your own apps and self-publish your books or music. But there is a more novel approach to money making offered by amazon to make what is known as a passive income for yourself, and that is by becoming an amazon affiliate, which will allow you to make money off selling stuff on amazon without having to stock products of your own!
So far you have been able to see how it is that can be a goldmine for anyone interested in putting in the effort to help amazon push sales of products in its own marketplace, but you are also aware that amazon did not invent this business practice. In fact, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to monetize web content and there are people out there killing it with what are commonly known as “CPA” or “cost per action” networks, and you might be tempted to try that out too. But the truth is that, as good as CPA networks are, they come with their own disadvantages, one of them being how difficult it is to get started on any CPA network. Another disadvantage of promoting CPA offers from these networks is that they sometimes can look spammy. As an amazon affiliate though you will have the backing of the most recognizable brand in the online retail space, and people won’t think twice on clicking any link that leads to an amazon product page because everybody loves and trusts amazon to an insane degree! So let’s take a quick look at reasons why amazon affiliate marketing is the best choice for you!
So is your body ready already? Of course it is! It is easy to get drawn in by the possibilities offered by becoming an amazon affiliate, especially because it allows you the luxury of running a business with the economic benefits of ecommerce without the logistical headaches! But now you might be wondering “how do I get started?” Well, as with everything good and profitable in life, you need to start in incremental steps, and you have to start by thinking about what you are going to promote in order to make some good money as an amazon affiliate. What? Did you think that this would be as easy as just putting a lot of amazon product links on a website and then calling it a day? Well good luck with that! Because the first step into becoming a successful affiliate is finding out the type of niche products that are going to make you the most money as an affiliate!
So by now you surely are all pumped up about becoming an amazon affiliate, and with good reason! You have seen how easy it can be to find good niches to promote when you know how to do it right. And we wouldn’t be surprised to know that you already found the ones to promote on your amazon affiliate site following the steps that we taught you in our past chapter, but we are not done with that just yet! You see, once people find a good niche to promote, they tend to think that it will be enough to just review lots of products on their niche of choice, put the links in and call it a day, but you will hardly make good money by doing so. This is why in this chapter we are going to show, step by step, the strategy behind selecting the hottest products in your niche!
So you have made up your mind about how awesome it is to become an amazon affiliate, and have decided to take your first steps into becoming the best amazon affiliate that you can by following up the advice revealed in our previous chapters. In this respect, you started looking for a nice niche that you would enjoy promoting and started navigating the amazon marketplace up and down in order to find the best and most profitable products that amazon can offer to its affiliates. But now the time has come to start tinkering with the technical aspects of getting your amazon affiliate business up and running, and we are talking about creating your amazon affiliate website with a few clicks. Many people would be tempted to leave this job to someone else, but in this chapter we are going to show you how easy it really is to set up an amazon affiliate website on your own, using popular, easy to use and budget friendly online tools.
After you choose your niche, select some hot products to promote, create your amazon affiliate website and sign up for the amazon associates program to create your amazon associates account, the time comes to start doing the hardest part, the one that will determine if you make it or if you break it as an amazon affiliate. We are of course talking about the part where you finally start creating content for your amazon affiliate website, because content is what will attract buyers to your amazon affiliate websites. But why do we say that this is the hardest part? We say so because creating content for affiliate sites is not easy for the most part, and that is exactly where most affiliate marketers fail, and because of that we are going to show you how to create amazing content for your amazon affiliate sites the easy way. After all, creating awesome product oriented content for your affiliate sites comes down to following a series of easy to apply strategies, so let us grab you by the hand and guide you all the way through!
Start by going to the amazon homepage, scroll down to the “make money with us” title and click on “become an affiliate”. Now click on “join now for free”. Sign up using your email address and click on “sign up using our secure server”. The first set up step is to enter “your account information”. Here you will be asked to enter the “payee information” in order to receive funds made from your amazon affiliate website.
Ok, so you are all set up now: you picked up your niche, you selected a bunch of cool, high priced products to promote, you created your amazon affiliate website the easy way, and you already set up your amazon associates account. Now it is time for you to learn how to funnel people from your content all the way through the amazon marketplace to get them to make you affiliate money there by using the amazon affiliate links. You see, you will not make money as an amazon affiliate only by sending your visitors from your affiliate to amazon, because amazon needs to know when a customer was sent from your site to the marketplace in order for it to pay you your corresponding commissions. And to do so, amazon uses affiliate product links, which are product page URLs specially designed to track people clicking on the affiliate links on your site, so let’s show you how to get your affiliate links and how to use them on your site.
Creating an amazon affiliate website is a magnificent first step towards the life that you have always dreamt about, including sound financial stability and a job that doesn’t feel like a job anymore. And in order to make your amazon affiliate business pay for more than your bills, you need to hone out your online marketing skills, because as you can see, the amazon affiliate program is quite different than other online affiliate programs. Because good products reviews are the pillar of a decent amazon affiliate website, you will have to go several steps further to have an advantage over your competition and make the most out of your affiliate offers, so in this chapter we are going to show you the most successful methods to promote your amazon affiliate websites.
In our latest chapter we showed you how to easily promote the most profitable content in your amazon affiliate website by using a series of high converting yet easy to apply methods that would not require you to shell out any money, and that would only require you to put in a bit of technical effort. And in this chapter we are going to show you a series of online tools that can help you to promote your amazon affiliate website without having to worry about going over budget!
An Amazon affiliate business has to sound like the best idea in the world to anyone serious about making a living from online sources, and we dare to say that perhaps it sounds too good to be true in most cases. You will find lots of people that have become successful amazon affiliates and are making five and six figures salaries from their affiliate websites alone, and they have good reasons to be hyped about the U turn that their lives made thanks to the amazon associates program. And maybe that is why many people think that, really, an amazon affiliate business is too good to be true. What those people don’t realize is that building an amazon empire the right way can be a monumental task at first, especially if you are not tech savvy. But it pays off very well in the end, and in this chapter we are going to show the elements that have allowed many people to leave their day jobs by building successful amazon affiliate businesses!
We are pretty sure that you are stunned by how easy it is to transform something so simple as a product oriented website into a money making machine when you simply employ something like the amazon associates program. And we are also sure that some of the stuff offered by the amazon affiliate platform has taken you by surprise, and we are not done yet! In this chapter you are going to learn what are the “Amazon native shopping ads
At one point or another you will realize that you will start using social media to promote your amazon affiliate, whether by using the social media icons in the “amazon associates site strip” or by creating your own social media page. And because of that the amazon affiliate program has included a feature that will allow you to easily promote a lot of products right from your amazon affiliate social media profiles with the use of “aStores”. Amazon “aStores” will allow you to feature amazon affiliate links into your Facebook page in the form of a simple online store and they are really easy to integrate. In this chapter we are going to show you how to do it with a few clicks of your mouse!
Let’s get started by saying that we are pretty sure that each one of you watching knows what is, but in the unlikely event that we have someone among you who doesn’t, we can easily tell what it is in a few words: is the single largest ecommerce retailer in the world. That’s right! is the leading platform in the electronic retailer industry, and millions of people around the globe enjoy its unparalleled quality of service and reach on a daily basis, but is that all there is to know about Well, while the truth is that has built its reputation around being the most popular super store that you can find on the internet, it is also true that it is much, much more, and you might find yourself surprised about the things that it has achieved, so let’s find out!
Ok, so far the basics combined with our powerful recipes are working wonders on your affiliate sites, and you never foresaw how fast you would be able to make money using a passive source of income built on an online platform. And that is what gets most people off guard, because they start their amazon affiliate businesses as a mere hobby, maybe an opportunity, until they find themselves leaving their day jobs in order to pay full attention to their amazon affiliate sites. But these same people commit the fatal mistake of leaving their amazon affiliate businesses on autopilot, ignoring the fact that they can do much, much more if they only put the effort into applying some additional strategies to make their passive income grow. So allow us to give a close to this chapter by revealing to you the strategies that will allow you to go above and beyond your current amazon affiliate efforts!

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