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Now we are going to discuss some tips that need to be considered while using Music in E-education.

Selection of Music

It is a very essential part of the learning management system and music selection should be done carefully. We must consider educational topics in our mind while choosing background music in the online classrooms. We should avoid loud, distracting, hip-hop type music and must use some natural sounds or classical music in the background which improves the focus and learning power.

Keep the Audience in mind

We always consider different types of learners with different age groups while using this music technique. Some learners use laptops for E-learning courses and some use mobile phones to attend the classes. Some learners do not like the soundtrack in the background so in this case there must be control given to users if they want to mute the sound or lower the volume.

Go for Ambient and Natural sound

Music creates an emotional and memorable connection in learners which improves their focus, knowledge and learning power. The use of Ambient and Natural sound in E-learning courses makes the classroom interesting and interactive. Learners feel energetic and active and can focus on studies during online classes.


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