Advantages of Blockchain

18 Dec 2020 Admin Edufexio 0 Blockchain

Blockchain is a technique of recording information, transaction, and database in a decentralized digital manner through duplicating the data on computer networks in blocks. This duplicate data, information, and transaction on all the computer networks are updated timely through transferring information updates in blocks.

Advantages of Blockchain technology:

  1. Due to the decentralization of information and duplicate data appearing on millions of computers, it’s not easy for hackers to identify the main source of information. Complete information transferred on the computer network in blocks and these blocks are encrypted, which decreases the chances of cybercrime.
  2. Due to the blockchain technology of transferring information, it’s easy to share information in public networks and update the information from multiple sources. It removes the mediators and links the source with the duplicate platform which reflects changes on the other computer networks.
  3. With the help of Blockchain technology, it’s easy to trace the source of information and improve the security of the platform. It makes the platform more transparent and shares updated versions with the public due to this fraudulent activity decrease.
  4. Blockchain Technology reduced the cost of business. As it removes the middlemen for verifying the authenticity of the content and transferring data on the computer network from multiple sources.
  5. Transaction movement became faster because of the removal of mediators and automatic reconciliation of accounts.


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