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Edufex is a trending blockchain-based platform with an e-learning management system. It connects learners, educators and universities. Edufex helps them achieve their career goals with the numerous online courses and secure universally accepted blockchain certification to upgrade their job skills and advance their careers.

Many education, professional courses and certification aren't accessible, affordable, and out of reach for learners. Plus, travelling and living expenses are sky-high. However, we are there to provide a ray of hope by delivering many online courses without any geographical or linguistic barrier.

Edufex believes that "One educated person in the family can change the life of everyone". Our goal is to allow learners to benefit from blockchain technologies' disruptiveness and make each step in their education and career more captivating, efficient, and rewarding. Providing understandable quality content (Informational videos & assessments) is our second goal which induces rapid growth in students. Professional instructors are available to clear any queries of the learners.

Edufex provides 24x7 customer supports. Our technical team is highly active and always keeps an eye fixed for any security alert with prompt action.

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Edufex believes that one educated person in a family can change the life of everyone.

After paying much hard money, spending travel cost and time. Yet, However, students aren't happy with our old schooling framework. Our Mission is to supply users’ practical knowledge, unlimited courses, and training with universally accepted certification at one click without paying any additional cost.



Edufex respects your hard money and time. Our Vision is to provide you access to giant knowledge sources with none geographical boundaries.

We have a team of the best teachers in the education industry who prepare qualitative content for college kids and are available online to clear their doubts.


Scholars find various web based learning choices and preparing in the developing schooling area with incalculable restrictions, which students feel subsequent to paying hefty expenses. Edufex is one of the reliable and trustworthy sources of education.

  • Exponential upsurge in fees
  • Geographic barrier
  • Limited Courses
  • Unfriendly website
  • Boring videos
  • Unsystematic format of courses
  • Fewer assessments
  • Unavailability of online teachers
  • Lack in fact tracking
  • Demos aren’t available
  • Lack of transparency
  • In this competitive market, it’s tough to settle on a reliable and trustworthy source of education. Today the major issue is data and knowledge security


Edufex is one of the reliable and trustworthy sources of education. Our ethics, morals, and beliefs are students, teachers, and professionals centric. We are using Blockchain to deliver global education accessibility. It is a very secure platform because of blockchain use.

  • Our website is user friendly, so students are ready to find the required information easily.
  • Study material is given within the systematic format.
  • We deliver unlimited courses for students, professionals, and teachers’ development and global knowledge exposer.
  • We always create exciting videos for users’ learning, so nobody gets exhausted while studying.
  • We have the best teachers in the industry and are available online for user problem solutions. Educators receive the advantage of Token on course completion.
  • Students can track their performance and provides numerous assessments over our website.
  • Edufex is an ideal platform and provides various educational solutions at an affordable fee.
  • Transparency and authentication through Blockchain Technology.

Amazing Team Members


Kyle Sykes

Chief executive officer (CEO)


Gem Ralph Caracol

Technical Block Chain Developer


Ed Bienes

Research & Development


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Frequently Asked Question.

Edufex is a blockchain-based E-learning online platform. It delivers all the subjects, topics, video tutorials, assessments, online assistance of educators, certification and university degree for your career growth and opportunities.

There are multiple reasons that make Edufex different from other E-learning platforms
1.Secure transactions and certifications
2.Connect global educators with global learners
3.Video tutorials and online assistance of Educators
4.Multilingual platform
5.Online certifications and degree
6.Online enrollment in the topmost universities

1.Click on the login button and a pop up will be open. Now, click on the “New User” link then a form will be open.
2.Fill in all your details and you will be enrolled in the Edufex.
3.Choose any of the courses you want to do and pay the course fee to start learning.

At Edufex, educators can upload paid courses tutorials with assessments, resolve queries of students, and provide online teaching assistance to students. Students pay a price for all these services and Edufex provides the cost of these services to educators in the form of a token at the end of the course.

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