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Benefits with Edufex

Scope & Educational Marketplace

The E-learning sector market size is large. It includes every individual who uses mobile and the internet. A study forecast that the global E-Learning market is expected to reach $336.98 billion by 2026 growing at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2018 to 2026.

The e-learning market in Europe is poised to grow by $ 24.23 billion during 2020-2024 progressing at a CAGR of 12% during the forecast period.

Recent Trends & Opportunities

E-learning is within the education industry trend, but E-learning gets bifurcated into various channels once we drill it down. Nowadays, everyone uses the E-learning channel, but the simplest channel delivers a broader picture of data and provides global exposure and career growth.

In Covid 19, E-learning achieves a special trend and learner behavioral change. Everyone uses mobile learning, apps for study, personalized learning courses, virtual learning, and online community.

  • Rapid Growth of E-Learning Market:
    This market’s growth speed is on the compound rate and rise of technology during this sector, settling new technology. Now, companies are using Blockchain, AI platform, Big Data to stay up so far information.
  • E-learning content:
    LMS is within the trend, and it directly impacts the learners’ resume. With the assistance of LMS, learner improving their soft skills and increasing weight in their resume.
  • Data analytics through LMS:
    Companies are getting more data-oriented, and the LMS data analytics feature helps them handle quick change in a digital landscape within the workplace, which directly impacts; how corporate training is designed, delivered, and tracked.
  • Improve content delivery:
    Learning content improving a day. The industry’s primary focus is towards; learners easily ready to learn about the subject interestingly.

Edufex will be a new trend and face of e-learning because we use the most updated E-learning method. You'll discover appealing learning recordings, notes, subject­wise content, online educator, no linguistic issue, limitless evaluation, performance track, and partnered colleges certification on our site. We are a one-stop-shop for everything.


E¬learning gives students, experts, educators, and partnerships a track of learning, everyone can plan his study and achieve expected results. There are many other opportunities of this industry mention as below;

  • Royalty structure:
    Edufex provides tokens to the teachers to complete videos and courses to convert into cash.
  • No time-sensitive:
    Learners can access the maximum amount they need; there’s no deadline within the online learning platform.
  • The flexible study material for corporate:
    We will create study material based on companies’ needs and their workers’ policies during this industry.
  • Global Access:
    As complete study material is cloud-based, it provides learners the opportunity to access it from anywhere through his mobile.
  • LMS with Blockchain:
    Complete study material is secured because we use LMS with Blockchain, new technology within the market, and impossible to hack.
  • No travel cost:
    Users only need a laptop and internet connection for accessing Edufex. No got to travel to reach within the classroom; students can access global education at one click.
  • Equality:
    It’s easy for socially reserved people to debate their queries on Edufex because we provide an online teachers’ facility.
  • Fundamental Value of Education:
    Through E-learning, we move from the traditional path of education to a new path. Which is more retainable within the memory and straightforward to know.

CEO of Edufex


Online signup for courses
Online signup for courses- The very first step is to get enroll for online courses.
Online courses catalog
Next feature is catalog available with various online courses where students can
In Edufex, there is no language barrier and students with different region.
Online signup for courses- The very first step is to get enroll for online courses.
Secure Payment method
Online signup for courses- The very first step is to get enroll for online courses.

Mission & Vision


Edufex believes that one educated person in a family can change the life of everyone.

After paying much hard money, spending travel cost and time. Yet, However, students aren't happy with our old schooling framework. Our Mission is to supply users’ practical knowledge, unlimited courses, and training with universally accepted certification at one click without paying any additional cost.


Edufex respects your hard money and time. Our Vision is to provide you access to giant knowledge sources with none geographical boundaries.

We have a team of the best teachers in the education industry who prepare qualitative content for college kids and are available online to clear their doubts.

Problems And Solutions


Scholars find various web based learning choices and preparing in the developing schooling area with incalculable restrictions, which students feel subsequent to paying hefty expenses. Edufex is one of the reliable and trustworthy sources of education.

  • Exponential upsurge in fees
  • Geographic barrier
  • Limited Courses
  • Unfriendly website
  • Boring videos
  • Unsystematic format of courses
  • Fewer assessments
  • Unavailability of online teachers
  • Lack in fact tracking
  • Demos aren’t available
  • Lack of transparency
  • In this competitive market, it’s tough to settle on a reliable and trustworthy source of education. Today the major issue is data and knowledge security


Edufex is one of the reliable and trustworthy sources of education. Our ethics, morals, and beliefs are students, teachers, and professionals centric. We are using Blockchain to deliver global education accessibility. It is a very secure platform because of blockchain use.

  • Our website is user friendly, so students are ready to find the required information easily.
  • Study material is given within the systematic format.
  • We deliver unlimited courses for students, professionals, and teachers’ development and global knowledge exposer.
  • We always create exciting videos for users’ learning, so nobody gets exhausted while studying.
  • We have the best teachers in the industry and are available online for user problem solutions. Educators receive the advantage of Token on course completion.
  • Students can track their performance and provides numerous assessments over our website.
  • Edufex is an ideal platform and provides various educational solutions at an affordable fee.
  • Transparency and authentication through Blockchain Technology.

Edufex Ecosystem

We are utilizing a further developed and productive environment for advanced learning. In Edufex, you'll discover a community of individuals, content, learning videos, and processes that structure your L&D program.

Edufex Ecosystem provides a structured format for learning and building knowledge. E-learning’s proper structure establishes an educational environment that incorporates courses, study material, videos, assessments, and curriculum in an organized manner.

Below are the critical areas of Edufex Ecosystem:

Cloud-based system: It’s a 1-stop platform where scholars complete education and development. Users can get to it from anywhere; an internet association is just required.

E-learning Courses: Unlimited courses of each field and subject are available on the web site.

Mentoring: It’s a unique, fantastic technique for soft skills development. It assists with spotting weak areas of students and recommend courses for their turn of development.

Certification: Certification on the course completion help student to justify their knowledge during a particular area. We provide universally accepted and universities affiliated certifications.

No Linguistic Bar: Learners can learn in any language from our website. Here is not an issue of language for learning and development.

Dashboard: With the assistance of the dashboard user can check his performance in assessments.

Interactive Videos: Our topics related videos are interactive and straightforward to find out. They will make any subject easy for the learner by linking content with real-world scenarios and examples.

Learning Community: It’s an open forum where multiple field people and experts meet and discuss their queries. It helps them to spot different view of problems and solutions.

Tutorial room: We have the finest teachers in the industry, available online for user query resolution.


Blockchain with LMS: we offer our courses in Blockchain, and teachers can earn tokens on the creation and completion of systems and videos. Educators’ can convert these tokens into cash. Blockchain might be the most secure method of imparting educational information to a student. It is often a replacement concept within the market, which is using by us. It restricts anyone to hack the information shared on the web site.

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain-Based Certificate Verification Contract Address

Click here

Edufex uses blockchain technology, which transfers information on the server within the binary format. Also, users’ information available within the Blockchain, which is secure and uneasy about hacking. The blockchain stage is costly, and that we contribute that much add up to remain everything protected and clear to use for our users only.

Edufex revolutionizes blockchain-based education certificate verification. The project powers a sophisticated e-learning ecosystem by utilizing Edufex’s native token, the EDUX token, on the public TRON blockchain to fuel intelligent contract transactions among our platform users. Users may purchase EDUX tokens to use our platform for various services, such as verifying their diplomas and certificates, which will empower them with more purchasing power on the edufex platform.

  • Tokens:

    For retaining educators over the videos and courses, we offer tokens. It is often how of earning during teaching. It provides educators with motivation for teaching and keeps maintain their interest within the video and course. They can convert these tokens into cash. The fascinating thing is this token value regularly increases as per the market trend.
  • Confidentiality:

    We offer certification of courses through Blockchain, which is entirely secure because blockchain records cannot falsify. Blockchain provides a security trust factor when it involves sharing a digital degree with one candidate. It also keeps secure data of online courses. Also, with the assistance of Edufex, students can receive universally accepted certifications.

Token Distribution

Fund Allocation

About Us

Edufex curbs LMS and the Traditional education system; hence, it designed the blockchain-based Learning Management System. It conveys a safe foundation of e-learning and eliminates all the limitations to give clients a trustful, qualitative, geographic, and linguistic barrier-free starting point of e-learning. The concept of token dispersal to educators on completion of their service for learners highlights Edufex differently within the industry.

Edufex encourages worldwide information on PC screens in a single tick, saving time, endeavors, traveling costs, and foreign living expenses. Access to universally accepted certifications, degree, and educators’ accessibility for wanted courses improve the e¬learning extension at Edufexblockchain¬based learning management system. students as well as instructors have equivalent freedoms on our platform. Educators can earn Tokens on completion of courses.



  • Idea & Concept Creation
  • Structure of Data
  • Establishment of brand
  • Examination & Certification Process of student
  • Concepts of Blockchain Certification
  • Executing and planning for MVP
  • Launch MVP Version 1.0
  • Conception of Courses
  • Examined portal for courses
  • Top 10 university collaboration
  • 10,000 students' portal registration
  • Launch VVIP token Sales
  • Blockchain Certification on Tron Network
  • 20,000 students portal registration
  • Launch Pre IFO Token Sales
  • Enrollment of brand-new university
  • Blockchain Certification on Binance Smart Chain
  • 50,000 students' portal registration
  • Listing on Decentralized Exchanges
  • Implementing Certification Process to student
  • 70,000 students portal registration
  • Token Listing on Centralized Exchanges
  • AI-Based Exam
  • 100,000 students' portal registration
  • 1000 Courses
  • 20 Universities Collaboration

Team Members


Kyle Sykes
Chief executive officer (CEO)

Kyle Sykes worked with a number of notable brands such as Levis, Airbnb, Pinterest, BET, Afrotech, Red Bay Coffee, He had maintained a series of Marketing roles at various tech companies and in the blockchain industry and now provides a clear vision for the Edufex LMS, a new trend and face of e-learning because we use the most updated E-learning method.

In Edufex find attractive learning videos, notes, subject-wise content, online teacher, no linguistic issue, unlimited assessment, performance track, and affiliated universities certification on our website. We are a one-stop-shop for everything.

Gem Ralph Caracol
Technical Block Chain Developer at Edufex

Extensive experience developing Blockchain In LMS projects Edufex. Block chain technology enthusiast and early adopter. Framing the Idea and Concept With a Blockchain to Executing for the Educators and For Student for making LMS More Powerful



Ed Bienes
Research & Development

Experienced consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the software industry. Skilled in NetSuite, Software Development and IT Service Management.

Press Release

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Edufex is a blockchain-based E-learning online platform. It delivers all the subjects, topics, video tutorials, assessments, online assistance of educators, certification and university degree for your career growth and opportunities.

There are multiple reasons that make Edufex different from other E-learning platforms

  1. Secure transactions and certifications
  2. Connect global educators with global learners
  3. Video tutorials and online assistance of Educators
  4. Multilingual platform
  5. Online certifications and degree
  6. Online enrollment in the topmost universities
  1. Click on the login button and a pop up will be open. Now, click on the “New User” link then a form will be open.
  2. Fill in all your details and you will be enrolled in the Edufex.
  3. Choose any of the courses you want to do and pay the course fee to start learning.
At Edufex, educators can upload paid courses tutorials with assessments, resolve queries of students, and provide online teaching assistance to students. Students pay a price for all these services and Edufex provides the cost of these services to educators in the form of a token at the end of the course.